In the field of Nuclear Medicine we provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, as well as a complete range of equipment for hot labs.
Our objective to always stay updated about the latest developments in Molecular Imaging and Therapy in combination with our commitment to offer new innovative products will contribute so that the Greek Nuclear Medicine Community is always at the cutting edge of technology and advancements.


The radioembolization of liver tumors via hepatic artery with 90Y – Sir Spheres is a well established therapeutic approach for inoperable liver tumors worldwide. Radioactive microspheres are implanted through the hepatic artery in the feeding vessels of the tumors, irradiating them with high doses while minimizing the radiation burden of adjacent healthy tissues. The method is implemented with the cooperation of Nuclear Medicine and Interventional Radiology departments.
Mediray introduced this technique in Greece by the end of 2008 providing the Greek Medical Oncologists with an additional weapon in their arsenal to treat such cases.


The method of intraoperative radioisotopic detection of Sentinel Lymph Node has been for many years now a well-established practice with applications in several fields of Surgical Oncology such as: Breast, Melanoma, Gynecological Cancers, Urological etc.

MEDIRAY with the years of experience in the field, the 20 installations in the country’s largest hospitals, the authorized technicians and the ability to provide replacement units, guarantees the best after-sales service and support. Rental of Europrobe devices is also possible for use in any hospital and clinic in the Greek territory.


Mediray has an active role in industrial applications of ionizing radiation by supplying all major Greek NDT Radiography companies with high-tech products thus helping them to carry out major infrastructure projects throughout the Greek Territory
Radioactive sources 192Ir and 75Se corresponding projectors and films are available in our product list which is constantly enriched.


Mediray’s highly qualified scientific personnel can provide high quality radiation protection consulting services throughout the whole process of any Radiology Department’s installation. Our medical physicists are also qualified to perform all the necessary Acceptance and routine QA tests that will ensure the optimal imaging result with the lowest radiation dose to the patients and personnel.
Mediray also offers CADstream software for Computer Aided Detection (CAD) of suspicious areas for malignancies in Breast, Liver and Prostate MRI.
About Us

MEDIRAY represents in Greece and Cyprus a series of foreign companies and vendors, promoting in the Medical field, innovative products based in modern technology applications aiming to secure precision and accuracy of specific Medical practices.

MEDIRAY also provides Quality Assurance services in medical devices producing ionizing radiation (X – rays & gamma rays) as well as Radiation Protection services of personnel and patients in diagnostic centers using ionizing radiation (conventional and digital Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Dentists and Veterinarians).

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